Brussels Chocolate Fair 2016

When you think of Belgium, you immediately think of Beer, waffles, French (Belgian) fries and of course of delicious Belgian chocolate.

Since 2013, Brussels hosts the « Salon du Chocolat » and as a chocolate lover I couldn’t not go to that annual orgy of chocolate.

I wasn’t disappointed by what entered my mouth, lots of delicious dark chocolate (Benoit Nihant dark chocolate with cocoa from Madagascar is to die for), even some nice marshmallow covered with dark chocolate (Baru, Belgium).

One of the good surprises was the « cho’éclair », chocolate pralines shaped like éclairs with different fillings and with some colourful decorations. The co-owner explained her husband was tired of doign only bakeries so he decided to learn making chocolate confectioneries and in 2013 came with the « cho’eclair »concept, now they are selling around the world, for the japanese market they even got « kawai » versions with pink cartoonish motifs.

so overall a nice 2016 edition, it was difficult going back home without a few boxes of precious chocolates. I can’t wait to go back next year!




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